Coconut Chia Chick-Nugs


Lately, Lochlan is getting to the age of eating those “kid foods”….mind you I am not the kind of Mom that plans to feed my kids Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets for every meal. Even when out looking at these types of foods….I’m pretty much disgusted with the options.

Today I decided to try out my own chicken nugget recipe…no junk, no grains, just real food and nutrients! To my surprise they were quiet easy to make!

This recipe was adopted from Paleo Spirit and re-imagined by me!

What you need:

1 lb of ground chicken ( I used local pastured-raised from Creswick Farms)
1 pastured organic egg
1/4 cup of organic Coconut Flour
1 tsp of Redmonds Real Salt
1 tsp of onion powder
1/2 tsp of garlic powder

Combine all of this, go ahead get your hands in it! Just don’t mush it toooo much.

Wash your hands and preheat your oven to 375 degrees

Now your hands get messy again…

Take about 1 Tablespoon portions and roll them into meat balls and place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper ( or whatever you prefer). You should end up with about 20-22 of them.

Next, mix in a separate bowl:

1/4 cup of Organic Coconut Flour
1/4 tsp of Redmonds Real Salt
2 Tbsp of Chia seeds

Gently coat each meat ball in this “breading” mixture and then flatten out in a nugget shape on your baking sheet.

Once you have them all breaded and shaped, place them in the oven for 15 minutes.

Last step:

Melt 3 Tablespoons of Organic grass-fed butter or Ghee

Take your Nugs out and dip each one in the butter, coating both sides and return them to the baking sheet with the opposite side up ( to brown each side). Once they are all dipped in their butter bath, return them to the oven for 5-7 more minutes to get crispy!

You just made your own healthy Chick-Nugs too!


Lochlan loved them!


Lochlan’s Lunch


Plant-Based plate today!

I think it’s important to have some meat-less meals throughout the week, even though we tend to follow a PALEO type diet, I think over consumption of animal proteins can also have it’s negatives.

So today we have:

Hilary’s Eat Well: The “World’s Best” Veggie Burger
Organic avocado
Organic tomato
Organic green apple
Organic raspberries

You can find the veggie burgers Here

I was surprised that Lochlan actually likes them as much as I do! Best part is there is no soy or other fake food garbage in them!

Num num!

What things really look like:





Lochlan’s Lunch


On the plate today:

Organic Kiwi fruit
Organic peaches
Grass-fed, organic, non-GMO Colby cheese
Organic Red Peppers
Applegate Organics (non-GMO) all Grass-fed Beef Hotdog

He also had a mommy made vitamin-pack applesauce squeeze pack.

Happy healthy eating everyone!

Lochlan’s Lunch


Now that Lochlan is the big ONE, “food before one is just for fun” is well….done.

We are still happily nursing on demand and will continue to do so for as long as Lochlan wants.

However, the need to help him start to wean and introduce him to healthy foods has become more important now. Because of that I have been inspired to start a series of ” Lochlan’s Lunch” posts to hopefully help give parents good ideas of what foods to offer toddlers.

Now with that said….at this age, there is not a lot of actual eating involved. But the practice of sitting down for meal times and “playing” with healthy foods is the first step to developing the skills to participate in meals and make healthy choices!


On the plate today: fresh, organic blueberries, raspberries and pineapple. Sweet potato and chia chips ( organic, non-GMO, no grains). Sautéed organic zucchini (in ghee with Himalayan pink sea salt). Organic garbanzo beans. Left over organic, free-range chicken breast and Bubbies sauerkraut. He also loves MamaChia squeeze packs, also pictured.


Lord, Thank you for the knowledge and funds to help our family eat healthy. I pray that all parents have the opportunity to offer themselves and their children real, healthy food.