Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…

A lesson in sunscreen: A friend had mentioned sunscreen usage in infants a couple of days ago and I was shocked to find out that I should NOT be putting sunscreen on my baby until after 6 months of age! I had no idea, our Pedi never mentioned anything about it! I actually did a lot of research trying to find a sunscreen that was as pure as I could find on the market, so that it was safe on his skin. Now I’m finding out that no sunscreen is the way to go and doing all the other “out of the direct sun methods” are what is right. I feel like such a dummy, but I actually thought I was being a bad Mom by not putting it on sometimes, thinking if he gets sun burnt I’m going to feel awful. The only thing on my mind was “he has my husband’s skin tone (PALE) and he is going to look like a lobster after minutes in the sun! This is very different from myself, I am lucky to have a nice olive tone and I almost never burn. I almost never wear sunscreen either, other than in my make-up so my skin stays pretty. I definitely pride myself in how dark I can get in a summer. I love the Sun. My Daddy calls me Sunshine. I prayed for my son to have my eyes and my skin color, so far he just has my eyes. SO now that I know better…I wanted to find some explanations to help those out there they may be in the same boat.
A natural website that I follow is not spanking me at this point for putting sunscreen on my infant, mainly because both of them that I used are in the top 5 best/safest out there according to . However, they mention it should be used as a last resort. Because babies lack Melanin, they definitely need to be protected and you can find more ideas how to accomplish this
With all of that said, Lochlan will wear his cute fishy sun hat and be protected by the Moby wrap when we are out at a 5 year-old’s baseball game this afternoon! But I will hang on to his California Baby and Badger Sunscreens for later this summer.
Lastly, Don’t forget to check expiration dates! They are on sunscreens for a reason!

Lord, Thank you for our little blessing and all the little lessons that come along with him!