Crunchy Baby

Ever since I found out I was Pregnant I knew instinctively there were things in this World to worry about and things that would be better not to. To me worrying about what goes in and on my baby were top of the list. Obviously you worry about overall safety and security as well…thats why I practice attachment parenting, baby wear Lochlan and my wonderful Hubby has a great job and works hard to keep me as an at-home mom for the majority of the time. But, it’s the “man-made” things that have me consumed with research day to day; the products, toys, formulas, etc that have gotten away from how nature had intended. Especially plastics, toxic chemicals, fragrances, dyes, carcinogens, ingredients that trigger allergies, vaccinations ( we won’t get into that this time), materials, pesticides, antibiotics and the list goes on and on.
What goes in: Breast Milk Only! If I wasn’t able to nurse my son for whatever reason, the answer would be donated breast milk only! Human Milk 4 Human Babies. I plan on practicing baby-led weaning and making my own baby food from organics fruits, veggies and meats when the time comes. Recipes will be posted in the future. The other things that go into babies mouths are toys, teethers, blankets, etc. I wanted to steer clear of plastics and fabrics ridden with chemicals, amongst other things. I chose to register for and buy only natural rubber teethers, toys and pacies (he won’t take a pacifier anyway), toys made by organic cotton or wood, food-ware made from corn, potato or silicone. His bottles are all glass and silicone. No formula, No baby cereal, No plastics.
What goes on: This is a little harder to manage….clothing, a good majority of Lochlan’s clothing is organic cotton. But you know as well as I do it is expensive, hard to find sometimes and not the most practical for all things. Family and friends love to buy baby clothes and there is a lot of cute stuff out there, so I try NOT to be too picky about his clothing. However, his bedding sheets, comforter (doesn’t use yet), crib mattress and several blankets that he is on day to day are most definitely organic cotton. Products such as body wash, shampoos, lotions, diaper creams, laundry detergents, dryer sheets and occasionally sunscreen (still too young) are all EWG zero rating. This is soooo important, products placed on the skin can create a barrier preventing the skin from breathing and traces of ingredients can be found in all major organs within seconds, spend the extra cash for good, safe, healthy products and use for help! What else…DIAPERS! Have you read what is in disposable diapers!? If you have, you would never put them on your baby. I refused the hospital provided disposables and brought my own ME approved diapers in our hospital bag! READ THIS for more information on the harmful chemicals in disposable diapers. My choice was Cloth Diapers for many reasons: Money saving, Eco-friendly, no chemicals, I know what they are washed in and they make them sooo easy now! I use some disposable still when we travel with no laundry opportunities and I use healthy wipes from companies I trust as well. Most of the time at home I use a water spray bottle and dry cloth wipes. A lot of the time I use Coconut Oil for diaper rash (which hardly ever occurs).
Something else that is always on him now is his Baltic Amber teething necklace and so far has done a fabulous job, no Tylenol or teething tabs here!
Things I have decided not to worry about as a Mom: Pet Hair-it’s everywhere, no matter how often or well I clean. It’s in his mouth, on his clothes, it’s life with pets. Germs-I have never been a germ-a-phobe anyway, germs are good for developing the immune system. Dirt-never killed anyone to get dirty and you can always get clean; also good for the immune system. A strict schedule-Life is not like that! The only thing that I worry about is bedtime is on-time.
I’m sure there are things I have forgotten but there will always be more to add in the future as well.
A site that has been absolutely, fabulously helpful and stands for everything I am as a Crunchy Livin’ and Lovin’ Mom is Green Mom Guide and I am so happy to be working with them now! Look for product reviews and give-aways in the future!

Overall, I try not to get on my soapbox about things and judge parents that make different decisions from mine. I pray that I can do the leg-work for busy moms and dads to provide the education on these subjects so that we can all do better for our children. Green Mom Guide will be a great help!