When “Bathing Suit Season” and 8 weeks postpartum meet

As if shopping for a bathing suit isn’t bad enough for most women, time it up to be right after you have a precious little baby (or in my case big baby)! As proud as I am of my scar and “beauty” marks I now possess, they are not exactly considered attractive to the outside world or in this case the Beach. Maybe someday I will try on a bikini again, but for now I will be shopping for what I now call a “mommy suit”. Yesterday, I went shopping with one of my most treasured friends in search of a stylish one piece suit that I would not only feel comfortable in, but also look young and cute in! I did not realize this would be almost mission impossible…maybe I’m just used to buying separate pieces, but I know I’ve gotten plenty of suits under $100. One pieces are not only hard to put on (ha!) but they are expensive! Being a stay-at-home mommy now, my husband was going to be pretty disappointed if I had purchased one of the two suits I actually somewhat liked, but didn’t LOVE enough to spend over $100 on it. One was actually a dress made from swim suit material…is that a complete bathing suit comp-out or what! So in conclusion, my mission continues. I was so thankful for an understanding friend to come along to help hold the baby and help me with an honest opinion. Hopefully I will have a successful find and picture to share soon!

Lord, I pray that you help me embrace my new body for the beauty it once held and now shows. I pray for all women to think of themselves as beautiful, whether they have carried babies or not because every woman deserves to feel confident! Amen


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